Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ceylinco Consolidated Pvt Ltd.

Undoubtebly Sri Lanka's Most Known Brand with a vast scale of Business Portfolios today It has nearly exceeded 200+ subsidiaries throughout its corporate services and products history.Every newly born and old Sri Lankan knows Ceylinco("Ceylon Insurance Company".The Sri Lanka's Most diversified Congomerate is headed by it's visionary Leader; Dr. Deshamanya J. Lalith. B. Kotelawala and it's multitallented employees.

Corporate Subsidiaries of Ceylinco Consolidated Conglomerate.

1. A E C Edu Group Pvt ltd.
2. American National College
3. Asian Finance ltd
4. Astra Diamonds ltd.
5. Blue Diamonds Brilliance Pvt Ltd.
6. Blue Diamonds Jewellery Worldwide Ltd.
7. Blue Diamonds Ltd.
8. C.A.S. Recoveries & Custodial Services Pvt ltd.
9. C V T Global Services Pvt ltd.
10. Ceycom Global Communication ltd.
11. Ceynergy Electronic Co. Pvt ltd.
12. Ceyhomes Credit & Investments Ltd.
13. Ceylinco Bio-Tech Ltd.
14. Ceylinco Building Society Ltd.
15. Ceylinco Business School Pvt Ltd.
16. Ceylinco Capital Investment Co. Pvt ltd.
17. CEYLINCO-CISCO Cash Management & Transit Co. Pvt ltd.
18. CEYLINCO-CISCO Ranaviru Services Pvt Ltd.
19. CEYLINCO-CISCO Security Corp. Pvt Ltd.
20. CEYLINCO-CISCO Security Transport & Allied Services Pvt Ltd.
21. CEYLINCO-CISCO Technology & Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
22. Ceylinco Capital Ltd.
23. Ceylinco Computer Forms Pvt Ltd.
24. Ceylinco Condomoniums ltd.
25. Ceylinco Consolidated Pvt Ltd.
26. Ceylinco Consolidated Capital Fund Ltd.
27. Ceylinco Construction Co. ltd
28. Ceylinco Consultancy & Allied Services Pvt Ltd.
29. Ceylinco Consumer Electronics Ltd.
30. Ceylinco Corporate Finance ltd.
31. Ceylinco Daya Housing and Commercial Properties Pvt Ltd.
32. Ceylinco developers Ltd.
33. Ceylinco Development Bank Ltd.
34. Ceylinco Diamond Trading Pvt Co. Ltd.
35. Ceylinco Digital House Pvt ltd.
36. Ceylinco Educational services ltd.
37. Ceylinco Employees’ Sports complex Pvt ltd.
38. Ceylinco Express Pvt ltd.
39. Ceylinco Finance & Infrastructure ltd.
40. Ceylinco Global Services Ltd.
41. Ceylinco Grameen Agriculture Credit Ltd.
42. Ceylinco Grameen Automobiles Pvt ltd.
43. Ceylinco Grameen Credit Co. Ltd.
44. Ceylinco Grameen Development Fund Co. Pvt Ltd.
45. Ceylinco Grameen Health Care Pvt Ltd.
46. Ceylinco Grameen Portfolio Management Co. Pvt Ltd.
47. Ceylinco Grameen Products Company Ltd.
48. Ceylinco Grameen Shop House Pvt Ltd.
49. Ceylinco Group Library.
50. Ceylinco Hairdresses Ltd.
51. Ceylinco Health Care Services ltd.
52. Ceylinco Home Nursing Services Pvt ltd.
53. Ceylinco Homes International Ltd.
54. Ceylinco Homes Internation (Lotus Tower) Ltd.
55. Ceylinco Hospital Services Ltd.
56. Ceylinco Hospitals Ltd.
57. Ceylinco Hotels ltd.
58. Ceylinco Housing & Real Estate Co. Ltd.
59. Ceylinco Housing Development Corporation Pvt Ltd.
60. Ceylinco Housing Corporation Ltd.
61. Ceylinco Housing Ltd.
62. Ceylinco Internet Services Ltd.
63. Ceylinco Industries Pvt Ltd.
64. Ceylinco Institute of Information Technology Ltd.
65. Ceylinco Insurance College Ltd.
66. Ceylinco Insurance Co. Ltd. (General)
67. Ceylinco Insurance Company Ltd (Life)
68. Ceylinco International Investments Pvt Ltd.
69. Ceylinco International Realty Pvt ltd.
70. Ceylinco International trading Co. Ltd.
71. Ceylinco I T Solutions Pvt Ltd.
72. Ceylinco Investcorp Pvt Ltd.
73. Ceylinco Investments & Realty Ltd.
74. Ceylinco Investment Co. Ltd.
75. Ceylinco Investments Corporation Ltd.
76. Ceylinco islanders Pvt ltd.
77. Ceylinco Land Exchange Pvt ltd.
78. Ceylinco Leasing Corporation Ltd.
79. Ceylinco Lionair Pvt Ltd.
80. Ceylinco Leisure Homes Ltd.
81. Ceylinco ltd.
82. Ceylinco Maini Pvt Ltd.
83. Ceylinco Micro technologies Ltd.
84. Ceylinco Midigama Fruit Farm ltd.
85. Ceylinco Net assist Pvt ltd.
86. C N T International ltd.
87. Ceylinco Networking Technologies Ltd.
88. Ceylinco Niranjan Invention Pvt Ltd.
89. Ceylinco P L C Technology Pvt ltd.
90. Ceylinco Packaging Co. Ltd.
91. Ceylinco Pensions Pvt ltd.
92. Ceylinco Premex Housing & Commercial properties Pvt ltd.
93. Ceylinco Printing & Stationary Pvt ltd.
94. Ceylinco Profit Sharing Investment Corporation Ltd.
95. Ceylinco Project Management Services Ltd.
96. Ceylinco Property Fund Co. Ltd.
97. Ceylinco Prosperity Pvt Ltd.
98. Ceylinco Real Estate Developers ltd.
99. Ceylinco Savings Bank Ltd.
100. Ceylinco Finance PLC
101. Ceylinco Selna ltd.
102. Ceylinco SembCorp. Integrated logistics Pvt Ltd.
103. Ceylinco Seraka ltd.
104. Ceylinco Seylan Developments ltd.
105. Ceylinco Shriram Asset Management ltd.
106. Ceylinco Shriram Capital Management Service Co. Pvt Ltd.
107. Ceylinco Shriram Securities Ltd.
108. Ceylinco Shriram Technologies Pvt Ltd.
109. Ceylinco Stock Brokers pvt ltd.
110. Ceylinco Sussex College (Network)
111. Ceylinco Sussex College Computer Academy (Network)
112. Ceylinco Sussex Business College (Network)
113. Ceylinco Sussex language Academy
114. Ceylinco Sussex Publishers Pvt ltd.
115. Ceylinco Swift Care Pvt ltd.
116. Ceylinco Tax & Financial Consultants Pvt Ltd.
117. Ceylinco Technology Infrastructure Pvt ltd.
118. Ceylinco Textile Pvt ltd.
119. Ceylinco Tomei ltd.
120. Ceylinco Tourist Hotels Ltd.
121. Ceylinco Travels & Tours ltd.
122. Ceylinco Treasuries Ltd.
123. Ceylinco Villa Housing Development ltd.
124. C T V Creations pvt Ltd.
125. Ceylinco Universal Ltd.
126. Ceylinco Upadhidari vyaparika Shakthi
127. Ceylinco Venture capital Co. Ltd.
128. Ceylinco Vocational Training Pvt Ltd.
129. Ceylinco Worldwide training Pvt Ltd.
130. Ceylinco IFA Training Services Pvt Ltd.
131. Ceylec Ltd.
132. Ceymech Pvt Ltd.
133. Ceymo Automobile Manufacturers Pvt Ltd.
134. Ceypower cascades Pvt Ltd.
135. Ceywin Grains Pvt Ltd.
136. CISCO Information Security Services Pvt Ltd.
137. CSF Money Broking Co. Ltd.
138. CT &FC Portfolio Management Pvt Ltd.
139. CT & FC Secretarial Services Pvt Ltd.
140. eCeylinco .com Pvt Ltd
141. F & G Marcom Pvt Ltd.
142. F & G GlobalCommunication Pvt Ltd
143. F & G Management services Pvt Ltd
144. Finance & Guarantee Property Developers Pvt Ltd.
145. F &G Real Estate Co. Ltd.
146. F & G Real Estate Consultants & Brokers Pvt Ltd.
147. Fingara International Cricket Academy Pvt Ltd.
148. Fingara Town & Country club Pvt Ltd.
149. Green Agro Lanka Pvt Ltd.
150. Golden Energy Co. Ltd.
151. IC & CS Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
152. Independent Financial News &Views Pvt Ltd.
153. International College of Business & Technology Ltd
154. International Consultancy & Corporate Services Pvt Ltd.
155. Key Research & Information Ltd.
156. Kosena Ltd.
157. KotelawalaInvestments Ltd.
158. Lanka E-Com Technologies ltd.
159. Mudalige & Company
160. Omerdeen Block Heritage Pvt Ltd.
161. Royal Muthuraja GolfResorts Ltd.
162. S M Bex Pvt Ltd.
163. San Michele Ltd.
164. Sarana International Pvt Ltd.
165. Selna Residencies Ltd.
166. Serene resorts Ltd.
167. Seylan Bank Ltd.
168. Seylan Bank Asset management ltd.
169. Seylan Merchant bank Ltd.
170. Seylan merchant leasing ltd.
171. Shah Diamonds ltd.
172. Simalanka ltd.
173. SMB- Money Brokers ltd.
174. SMB Real Estate Ltd.
175. South Asian travels Ltd.
176. St. Nicholas International College (Network)
177. The Finance &Guarantee Co. Ltd.
178. TFC Homes Pvt Ltd.
179. The finance company ltd.
180. The finance Housing & Construction Pvt Ltd.
181. The Golden key Card technologies Ltd.
182. The Golden key Company Ltd.
183. The Golden Key Communication Pvt ltd.
184. The Golden Key Credit Card Company Ltd.
185. The Golden key Eye Hospital Ltd.
186. The Golden Key Eye & ENT Hospital Pvt Ltd.
187. The Golden Key Institute of Computer Technology Ltd.
188. The Golden key Institute of Information technology Ltd.
189. The Golden Key International trading Co. Ltd.
190. The Golden Key Management Consultancy
191. The Golden key Real Estate Agency Ltd.
192. The Golden key Reproductive Health Ltd.
193. The Golden Key Software solutions ltd.
194. The Golden key Trading Company ltd.
195. The Golden Key Travels Pvt ltd.
196. Tropical Foliage Pvt ltd.
197. Tsunami Hope Foundation ltd.
198. UltraTech Ceylinco Pvt ltd.
199. Wayamba Capital market Pvt ltd.
200. Ceylinco Celestial Residencies Pvt ltd.
201. Ceylinco Towers Ltd.
202. Ceylinco Seylan Towers ltd.
203. Trillium Residencies Pvt Ltd.
204. Realty Plaza Pvt Ltd.
205. Ceylinco Planet Pvt Ltd.
206. Monash College -Sri Lanka.
207. ANC-UK Pvt Ltd.
208. Australian National College
209. Millenium City Pvt Ltd
210. F&G Continental Residencies Pvt Ltd.